A Notion for Notion

Planning is hard. You grow up and are told to know what you want to do. Even with dreams and goals, how do you even achieve them? While big picture has always been easy for me, its the details that I fail to come up with. I’ve never been great at detailed planning in my personal life. I can write a marketing plan, execute it, and get you the data for ROI, but ask me a goal in my personal life and how to keep on track and achieve it, and I am lost.

This year something clicked, and by something I mean Notion. Notion was this trendy application I kept seeing people mention on social media. How could a web page make such a different. I’ve tried planners and journals, I’ve even tried digital journals and calendars. Nothing seems to work just right. That was until Notion.

Now this post isn’t about Notion, its about finding what works for you. I tried for years to follow what organizational experts say. I kept trying to use tools that were built to work one way and one way only. The flexibility of how I have my schedule and plans now, things seems to just be falling into place. I’m excited to see how far I can get with all my goals now that I have this great tool and a system that works for me.

If planning is also something you struggle with, maybe give something different a try? Maybe take parts of what works and lose the rest. Nothing needs to be one size fits all, and if it is, its probably not great for everyone anyway.