Dust off the cobwebs… It’s time to present

Whelp, it finally happened. We are back back back again to presenting.

One thing I know about myself is I talk fast. I’ve always talked fast. I talk even faster when I’m excited or nervous, and when I’m both, I’m basically non-stop. I know these things about myself and worked very hard on this and to be a better presenter.

Then… the pandemic happened. Oh boy. Did it happen. I didn’t leave my house for almost a year and I DEFINITELY was not presenting at that time. Today, well today, I ran three presentations along with my boss.

It was a big adjustment. I forgot that I talk so fast. I forgot how to slow down and read the room when I go to fast. I forgot, that I can do this.

Presentation two started only 30 mins after my first one…

I remember to breath, I remember to slow down. You know what you are doing.

Keep going.

By my last presentation, I know what I am saying, doing, presenting like the back of my hand.

Presentation skills aren’t always something you think about once you leave school. Yet presentations are such a huge part of everyday life. In your work, interactions, even just with friends. How you present can speak volumes to those around you. While I didn’t start off strong, I finished strong and am really excited for the professional developments I’m going to be teaching.