Hello, this is a message from… *click*

Robo calls. Everyone hates them. How many times can I be called about my car’s warranty?!

This robotic evil that rings your phone at all times of the day to wait for a “Hello” is a necessary evil within the school district. When we need to send out a message, it goes by robo call. Emergency? Robo call. Event? Robo call.

Not only does no one like a robo call, but I work in an urban district. This means we have some families who moves more than others, families who have phones that only have so many minutes, and even some families that don’t have a stable home.

But let’s take a second… when was the last time you honestly went into your social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and unfollowed someone? Yes, it happens, but on the regular, you aren’t making several Facebook profiles or going and unfollowing different pages each month.

When looking at our communication strategy, while a robo call, backpack flyer, and monthly newsletters are great ways to get the word out, social media can be used as another tool to get in contact with our families and community. Numbers and addresses may change, but the probability of a Facebook profile being changed is low.

Social media needs to be viewed as just one part of the communications sandwich within todays society, and who makes a sandwich with just bread… You don’t, that’s just toast.