Welcome to Social Babble

I was born in 1988. That’s right between the time when the first networks were assembled by researchers to start the building blocks of the internet, and the modern day birth of the internet in 1990.

I’ve grown up in the age of “don’t believe what you read online”, to knowing people who do not verify their sources and believe it because it was read online.

I grew up in an age where I had to page my mother from a pay phone to get a ride home, and now am able to send her a photo instantly of what I am doing in the moment on my pocket computer.

I’ve now grown up in the age where we have phased out floppy disks, CD drives, and technology is more prevalent than ever.

I’ve managed social media networks for companies before it was a job. I now work in the education field, not as a teacher, but as a moderator.

Social media is an inevitable, powerful, and an important tool in society (in a positive way) for our future. Yet, what steps are we missing? What pieces aren’t we looking at that are important to teaching our children about a safe and positive internet?

I’m 30 years old. I don’t know everything, but I have been involved in the digital world since I was roughly 10. In this blog series I will sharing my opinion on different aspects of the internet, social media, and how we can move forward in a positive space.